Prey is a mashup of DeadSpace-esque Horror with Dishonored’s approach to level design and story telling. We’ve seen the first hour and have found 10 things we think you should know about.

Prey is nearly upon us and even at this early point I can safely say… You need this game! Arkane Studios, creators of the dishonored franchise who also assisted on level design for Bioshock 2 are back with Prey, which is a narrative driven first person shooter. We’ve seen the opening hour of the game so if you don’t want any minor spoilers… look away now! They’ve gone right?
Here are 10 things you should know about prey!

1. Imagine If bioshock, dishonored, half life, deus ex and deadspace had an illegitimate baby… That offspring would be Prey! The space horror of Deadspace, the look and feel of dishonored and deus ex, the first person alien drama of half life and progression system of bioshock. It’s all here. Does it work as a single entity? Only time will tell.
2. There was another Prey game back in 2006 and although a sequel was planned it never met fruition. Arkane swooped in, but does it continue the story set up 11 years ago? To be blunt, NO, no it doesn’t. Raphael Colantonio, the president of arkane says, in his cool French accent ‘ Prey is not a sequel, it’s not a remake, it has no tie to the original’. So, we can safely say this is a reimagining.
3. You play as Morgan Yu who wakes up bright and early to start his first on a new job. He has a helicopter convoy and wears a snazzy space suit so he must be important right? Oh and when I say he I could mean she! As you’d expect with a genderless name like Morgan you can choose to be bro Morgan with swept fringe and 3 days of stubble or Fem Morgan with a lazy ponytail and far less facial hair.
4. It turns out this story isn’t set 1000 years in the future but only 15 years away! Frighteningly close. The story does change our past however, with JFK surviving his assassination in 1963. Which means that guy with 3 names who shot him could still be out here somehere. What was he called Camila Parker Bowls, Billy Ray Cyris? I remember Haley Joel Osmund. Anyway all this history changing has resulted in more funding going to the space program. Creating amongst other things a space prison called Talos 1 which circles around the moon.
5. This is where things go off the rails, within the first 30 minutes you realise you are not on earth but in fact you’re on Talos 1! Does that mean you work at intergaltic space prison or are you a resident? Smashing a window for the first time to see reality is quite impactful, so don’t watch that bit you just watched. Oh, sorry.
6. After the tension has been built up for 10 minutes you finally meet the mimics which are the primary enemy in the game which live up to their names…

If that happened a little too fast lets look at it again. The mimics are a space parasite that can ‘mimic’ objects in their surroundings. So this little blighter hid in plainsight as a coffee mug. Think about what this will mean for you first playthrough. Is that bin a bin or a mimic? Is that chair really a chair? This simple enemy will scare the hell out of you, and this is just the first enemy wait until you meet these buggers!

7. You’ll notice many dead human’s with haggard looks on their faces, and when you do remember this scary fact…. Oh shit. 1 human plus 1 mimic = 1 dead human and four mimics!
8. So how do you fight these monstrosities? Well with weapons of course. Starting with a trusty wrench like in the Half Life days you can squish the mimics you face but bigger enemies require bigger guns. Shotguns work a treat but look at the Gloo canon! This is like militariesd expanding foam which sticks to and freezes enemies where they stand allowing you to show them who’s boss. The Gloo canon can also create makeshift bridges and walkways making it invaluable
9. If you played Bioshock you’ll be happy to know plasmids are here, ok they’re not exactly the same but in term of upgrades Prey borrows a great deal from the Bioshock trilogy. Neuromods are Prey’s vessel of ascending the Morgan’s abilities in 3 areas; Scientist, engineer and Security. Engineering is based around modding and repairing your weaponry, Security is more about what your character can physically do and scientist is for health upgrades and using specialized lab equipment.
10. So when can we get hold of Prey? Not long at all. It is still scheduled for general release the day after starwars day May the 5.

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