Monster Hunter World is coming to PS4, Pc and the Xbox which makes it time for Monster Hunter new comers everywhere to try to care about it. Spending the last 9 years on Nintendo, although there was a vita version but that is only available in japan, now it’s time to bring it to the other home consoles.

Coop gameplay, breathtaking environments and a living breathing eco system which is a funky way of saying monsters eat each other and urinate everywhere. what a time to live in

Monster Hunter World comes out on PS, PC and Xbox in 2018 but no date has been confirmed yet.

The Monster Hunter Franchise has never really caught on in the west even though there has been more than 20 titles in the series. That is set to change when Monster Hunter World hits the shelves in Early 2018. If you’re new to monster hunter or like me you haven’t played one since 2009, then here are 8 reasons to be excited about Monster Hunter World.


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