With Metal Gear Solid 5 finally hitting PlayStation plus I thought now is the right time to take a look at the Easter eggs, secrets, referencesand the weird and wonderful cutscenes which are surprisingly missable during a typical playthrough. I’m sure there are many many more hidden secrets and nods to pop culture so if I miss any, write them in the comments and receive the praise you deserve. There are one of 2 mild spoilers but nothing which will ruin the complex stoyline of Metal Gear.

Here’s what we’ve found…
0:40 Kojima Recruitment Poster GDC
1:01 Metal Gear Solid 5 logo on Ocelot’s Glasses
1:28 D-Horse poop on command
1:55 Finding DeeDee (D-Dog) – mission 4
Pup becomes an adult over time
Pet D-dog in the field
DD will miss you/welcome you back in a cut scene
2:26 Quiet Provocatively moves around the helicopter
3:05 Hidden avatar in the window reflection
3:23 Sniper Wolf’s costume in Mission 40
3:55 Kept you waiting, huh?
4:52 Construction poster warning of falling objects
5:07 Happy birthday from the boys
6:04 Happy birthday from Quiet
6:46 100 percent bond with quiet
9:07 Big boss is watching you – 1984
Big Brother -1984
2=2 = 5 – 1984
10:36 Setting – Lord of the Flies
Pig heads – Lord of the Flies
Conch Shell – Lord of the Flies
Ralph – Lord of the Flies
Kingdom of the flies unfinished mission – Lord of the Flies
12:40 Hideo Kojima Cameo – MGS director
12:56 Ziang Tan – MGS level designer
13:12 Radio report – Silent Hills
Cassette tape name – Silent Hills
Music – Silent Hills
Silent Hills sounds at night at Da Shago Kallai
14:50 Snake Eater theme tune – James Bond
Tuxedo – James Bond
Golden girl paint – James Bond
15:50 Raiden MGS 4
Cyborg Ninja
PS1 snake
Boss’s sneaking suit mgs3
16:08 Leather Jacket – David Bowie
The man who sold the world – David Bowie
Diamond Dogs – David Bowie
16:35 Stink hidden cut scene
17:07 Shower hidden cut scene
17:32 Boss quotes snake eater – pod
Pie – pod
Japanese train stations – pod
18:00 6 million dollar man – bionic sound effects
18:32 LALELULELO – hidden world controlling force
18:56 Chicken hat – for being terrible at video games
19:10 Lil chicken hat aka egg shell hat – you should stop playing video games.

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