Video Game Villains are designed to be hated and despised for their outrageous beliefs and evil deeds. It keeps us going to the bitter end to see the main baddy get their comeuppance. Sometimes, in a few flitting moments, these dastardly criminals actually have a point which turns the tables on the way we perceive things. With that in mind here’s 6 Video Game Bad Guys who were right all along…. If you can get past all the murder and nastiness

Also has anyone noticed how many evil masterminds in film, TV and video games have British accents? I’ve never trusted the British with their sexy damn voices… Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked prepare for spoilers for the following…

Assassin’s Creed 3. Assassin’s creed has taught us one way of thinking Assassin good Templar Bad. But suddenly along comes Haytham Kenway who explains how a few guidelines and core principles are what society needs to prosper and evolve. We even play as the big dog Haythem is Assassin’s Creed III for long enough to see his point of view and just as it’s switching our perspective on life it’s ripped from us by a characterless puppet whose name sounds like a lyric from the Macarena. (my name is ranhofjsbf). Let’s , le ju just call him connor. Ok so, Haythem Keyway killed a few people along the way but hey you have to commit to be successful. (I will not weep). Bugger off Connor, no body likes you.

Far Cry 4. Pagan Min. Evil dictator? Maybe but look at the situation you’re put in during the events of Far Cry 4. After civil war has pretty much run the country into the ground Pagan has risen up overthrowing the corrupt royals and placing himself in charge as he tries to improve life for everyone. He’s up against the resistance when you arrive who are only here to replace the dictator for their own nefarious means.. I mean they call themselves ‘the golden path’ could that sound more elitist? In fact when the game is completed you realise the country either becomes a drug den for criminals or a fundamentalist régime so things couldn’t be much worse with Min in charge. The first time you meet the so called bad guy you are fed a lavish meal and asked politely to wait while he takes a quick business meeting. C’mon now Bad guys just don’t have manners like that unless their British of course! You quickly realise Pagan Min, he’s not such a bad guy. Stick around and He’ll take you to your families burial site to put your mother’s ashes to rest and even attempts to act like a father figure to you and installs you as his next of kin and heir to the country… see pretty cool dude… and he wears purple suits, what’s not to love. Let’s forget how much he likes torturing people… it’s a bit of a turn off.

Borderlands 2. Handsome Jack is a name you can trust it inspires confidence. In 2 Jack has risen to the top of the hierarchy with his no-nonsense treatment of bandits and vicious gangs and his desire to improve the Pandora for all it’s inhabitants. In a nut shell Handsome Jack wants to purge the world of those traitorous gangs and outlaws ultimately allowing the world to be repopulated by lovely people like you and I. Ok, so it’s a little bit like mass genocide but at least his heart is in the right place. Lets not mention his enslaved daughter and the massive flaming dragon thing he plans to purge Pandora with. Oh and he kills a few fan favourites along the way too. What a guy. In the Pre-sequel a large portion of the game is based around how great Jack really is… I blame Hyperion Corporation for his slight maniacal tendencies.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2. This was the first game which made me stop and appreciate how complex a so-called villain can be. Kreia looks like a lovely granny who’s a baddass at cooking and likes sucking on worthers originals but infact she has an on off relationship with the force. Ok I can’t sugar coat it… she’s a sith well sort of a sith… look I said it was complicated ok! Kreia or Darth Traya if you prefer wants to rid to universe of the force because it manipulates both the light and dark sides, both the jedi and the sith. She wants to end the star wars and bring about peace without the pesky force trying to force people to pick a side. She’s definitely got a point too but uses her manipulative powers to coheres your character into certain actions. I can forgive her for that. A friendly piece of peer pressure never hurt anyone.. (kill).

Infamous. Infamous is centered around ultra evil bustard Kesler. Not that one, no, not him either… yeah, that’s the one, Kesler. After the Raysphere nukes empire city killing most inhabitants but also giving your character, cole a few cool super powers, eventually the city falls into a depression and anarchy rules. Kesler seems like a complete tool throughout Infamous killing Cole’s girlfriend and vaporizing anyone who helps him… but here’s the twist… Kesler is Cole!!! Mind Fuck! Kesler traveled back in time to prepare Cole or a world ending event he wasn’t strong enough to prevent. Killing his loved ones gave him the drive to commit to his new powers. Kesler happily lays down his life to push Cole onto awesomeness and it worked perfectly. When the Beast comes to wreck the planet Cole and his rag tag bunch of mercenaries are ready and prevent the worlds destruction thus forfilling Kesler’s plan. If he just didn’t kill our girlfriend it would make this entry much easier. It’s ok Kesler, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

Batman: Arkham Origins. Anarchy isn’t the greatest name for a friendly superhero but lets give him a chance. Imagine if you lived in gothem city… the amount of corruption, exploitation, mistreatment and spandex you’d see on a daily basis could push you over the edge. Anarchy or Lonnie to his superhero friends wants to put things right and end the dishonesty at the key spots around the city. The Police department, the casino and the bank. Ok so here’s where he went a tiny bit too far and planted bombs at those destinations but he realizes he went slightly too far and gives batman all the tools needed to rectify the situation. Anarchy stands for a rebuilt Gothem but Batman aint having any of that… he’s the only Law and order this town needs. Dammit Anacky you make a good point.

So there’s 6 Video Game Villains who have a point if you can get past all the murdering and torturing and genocide and blowing shit up. Who else do you think deserves to be heard out and seen for the revolutionary hero they really are? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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