Over the course of a typical video game you will slay a few unsuspecting baddies. Don’t worry we can hide behind the fact it’s a video game to disguise our own sociopa thic tendencies. By the time we reach the final boss we’re so driven baddass that we’ll go to any means to take them out once and for all. On a few special occasions we go to extremes and kill the main antagonist in ways that are so over the top they need to be put into list form on a youtube video.

So here are 7 times overkill was underrated. Oh and just incase you haven’t guessed… spoilers galore for the following. No game stories covered were released past 2014.

1. Squished like a bug
Sinister – Deadpool
2. Do the Stomp
Ruvik’s Brain – The evil within
3. Chip off the old block
Big Smile Lee – Sleeping Dogs
4. Having a blast
Mendoza – Just Cause
5. Rocket Man
Baby Panay – Just Cause 2
6. New balls, please
Hitler – Sniper Elite Series
7. Knife to meet you
Shepard – Modern Warfare 2

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