Somehow, I’ve reached 100,000 subscribers. I know what you’re thinking ‘how the hell’ can this annoying tub of lard have 100k? I agree completely. To commemorate 6 digits, I thought we should look at what makes gamers such freaking brilliant people! Here are 8 life-changing skills every video gamer develops.

1. Video Game Grind = Patience, perseverance and dedication
2. Social Understanding
3. Empathy
4. Quick Learners / Peer Support
5. A deeper understanding of history
6. Problem solving skills – Quick Responce
7. Reverse Ageing – I need this! I’m old
8. Hand-Eye Coordination – Digital Surgeons!

A different approach to a 100k subscriber video. 8 ways video gamers are freaking awesome. So the next time someone tells you all the negative effects of video gaming remind them about our patience, perseverance and dedication, our Social understanding and acceptance, our ability to empathies , our speed of learning, our active knowledge of history and mythology, our hand eye coordination and problem solving skillset. Gamers are awesome

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Gamer Dad and Creative Arts Lecturer. That guy off PlayStationGrenade and professional cheesecake eater. Potentially the missing link between humans and apes.

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