2017 was a bumper year for PlayStation gamers with a heap of Exclusives to play Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, Horizon zero dawn, persona 5, Gran Turismo Sport, Hidden agenda uncharted the lost legacy and so many more.

2018 is shaping up to be even more crammed with video games only available on PS4. So prepare your wallet for an almighty battering and plan your way through 2018. Here’s 9 PlayStation Exclusives that will blow your mind throughout 2018.

00:34 Days Gone
Release date ‘Early 2018’ – Exclusive to PS4

01:58 Death Stranding
Release date 2018-2020 – Exclusive to PS4

03:20 Shenmue 3
Release date 2018 To Be confirmed TBC – PS4 and PC

04:23 God of War
Release date ‘early 2018’ – Exclusive on PS4

05:33 Shadow of the Colossus
Release date ‘February 6th 2018’ – Timed Exclusive on PS4

06:37 Marvel’s Spider-Man
Release date ‘Q2-Q4 2018’ – Exclusive on Ps4

07:45 Detroit: Become Human
Release date ‘Early 2018’ – Exclusive on PS4

09:19 Final Fantasy VII Remake
Release date ‘TBC 2018’ – Timed Ps4 Exclusive

10:23 The Last of Us Part 2
Released date 2018-2020 – Exclusive on Ps4

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