In a world full of triple A titles and sequels it can sometimes be difficult to notice the potential of smaller indie titles. One in particular looks to be doing something different, something unique and dare I say it pioneering. I’m talking about A way out. Not only does it have the most charismatic and endearing directors behind it, Josef Fares, we’ll get to him soon. But it also has a new take on cinematic cooperative storytelling. Here are 8 things you should know about A Way out.

1. Vincent & Leo – an unlikely duo
2. A new genre?
3. Split Screen only – 2 player title, not for solo players
4. Replay Value – Play it again, Sam
5. Josef Fares – Director and Adam’s Hero
6. Published By EA – Will that hurt the game?
7. Friends play for free – Shareplay
8. March 23rd 2018

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