Assassin’s creed has had many ups and downs through the years with the beacon of light being Ezio and the cities he resided in. Blackflag was another world changing affair but the ones in between didn’t really keep us engaged. Many people have decided to abandon the Ass creed series but after a year off Ubisoft have brought back the saga and wow, it’s bloody brilliant. Here’s 6 ways origins evolves the series into a must play title.

The eagle starts our list as he spots, scouts, marks target and notice locations for later missions. The Combat system has received an overhaul to locking on, blocking and attack types with the AI improved too. They are more responsive and reactive and will anticipate your moves. The new boss system means you’ll encounter mini bosses, leaders, sub bosses and the big bosses too, and extremely regularly. The Loot system introduces more RPG elements which will keep us hooked for countless hours… And all of this takes place in Egypt at the dawn of the assassin. Bayek! That sounds good.

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