For Honor pits the Samurai against Vikings against Knights in melee focussed battlefield. Over the next few days we’re going to look at each faction and 6 ways you can straight up murder your foes. And they’ll even be a bit of history thrown to impress your friends with.

First up it’s the Samurai lead by Kensei.

Have you ever heard someone say ‘thug life’ when they think they’re some sort of gangster. Well Kensei would say ‘Bushido’ which means ‘Samurai life’. Kensei is a heavily armoured warrior who is agile and carries a nodachi.

An O’dachi is a long sword considered by many to be too massive for real combat, but Kensei begs to differ and the results are devastating. This is the most well rounded Samurai character and a perfect starting point. He also likes decapitating people too.

Next up is Nobushi who were originally the defenders of villages in feudal japan. Low on armor but very quick and agile the range of their weapon keeps the enemy at bay. They may not look like seasoned warriors but believe me they have acrobatic skills which will dumbfound you.

The nobushi can revive teammates far quicker than and are perfect for control matches but be warned they are difficult to master. But when you do master them you’ll be decapitating foes regularly.

Over to the Orochi and these are probably the warriors that springs to mind when you hear samurai. These are setup to counter attack on force enemies off balance. Their light attacks are ultra fast and the heighten block function allows for hard hitting counters. The Orochi don’t like their enemies to get back to their feet so expect to find heads popping off frequently.

Finally comes the Shugoki who and are all about strength and force. Don’t expect to be bounding round the battlefield for long with this brute but do expect to have devastating attacks which take a while to hit the target, but when they do, they make short work of every fight. Their weapon of choice isn’t based around skill but my gosh it hits hard.

Also you can kill your enemies by sitting on them. I don’t know about you but I’ve always dreamed about that.

Ok so that’s a quick look at the Samurai in For Honor. I have already pledged my allegiance to the Samurai but who do you support? Vikings? Knights? Please let me know below.

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