For Honor the game which allows Vikings, knights and Samurai to fight to the death is here, but which side are you going to take? We’ve already looked at the Samurai and how they go about killing Knights and Vikings but now it’s time to look at the Knights and their attacking prowess.
We have 4 characters and 8 executions to look at so lets start.
First up for the knights is the Warden. These guys and gals are perfectly balanced in both defense and attack. Said to be dedicated to defense of their land the Wardens use a longsword which has excellent reach and their heavy chain mail absorbs many attacks. They have an unblockable shoulder attack which will get you out of trouble often and have an adaptable fighting style which can be picked up and played instantly.

The blade may be their choice of weapon but the pommel on the other side is just as fierce just ask their opponents.

Next up are the conquerors who forgo a long sword in favor of a shield and flail. These chaps were seen as fodder and were sent out to die but those that survived did so through utilizing defense and timing attacks to perfection. They have an autoblock function to help but it will take time to master this character class but when you do expect to use you flail to choke and obliterate your opponents’ skulls.

The peacekeepers are the silent assassins of the battlefield and utilize ultra fast attacks and short range melee. Their mobility allows them to quickly attack and run and can catch bigger enemies off guard.
With practice you can dual wield a sword and knife and make your enemies a pin cushion.

Finally the Lawbringers are the heavyweights of team Knight. They use an 8 foot spear axe combination simple known as a poleaxe. As the name suggests they are here to make sure everyone is aware of the laws of the land and have the heavy armor and skill to back it all up.

So that’s the Knights. Are you joining them or do you prefer the Vikings or Samurai? Lets us know below. I’m team samurai.

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