In our final feature about For Honor we are going to concentrate on Vikings. After being outfought by the knights they returned to the see but now centuries later, the Vikings are here to annihilate all Knight and Samurai. Lets have a look at their 4 character classes and 8 executions.

First up for the Vikings are the Raiders who are the epitome of Viking culture. Fighting with a two handed battle axe and animal pelt armor the raiders are the perfect starter class as they have ranged attacks and an unblockable chain attack. They are strong hugely versatile and have a high damage output. Expect to see their axe imbedded in all enemies although it can be a little difficult retrieving an axe from the human skull.

The Warlord is a defensive class with a short sword and shield. Don’t be fouled by the shield it is also a weapon in the right hands. The warlords use everything they can including kicking, punching and head-butting. Once again they are more than happy to remove an opponents head if the situation calls for it.

The Berserker is an incredibly skilled but extremely difficult class to use. They utilize dual axes and flail about seemingly randomly. That would explain the name. But their ability to land multiple blows and change attack is a force to be reckoned with. And yes, just incase you’re wondering they can take your head clan off with one of those axes.

Finally the Valkyries are the Vikings jack of all trades. These warriors are excellent at takedowns and use a spear and shield in both defense and attack. The spear keeps enemies at bay and the shield is deliberately small to allow for quick movement which can change a battle in an instant. Both male and female variants are devastatingly efficient and can take on heavy and light enemies simultaneously.

So we’ve looked at all 3 factions in Ubisoft’s For Honor. Are you planning on buying it or are you skeptical please let me know your thoughts below.

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