Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is probably the most popular video game currently out there with over 20,000,000 users around the world. We’ve all seen 101 videos about landing spots, loot locations and tips and tricks so in this video I want to remind you guys of some of the mechanics you may not be utilizing fully. Here are 21 Battle Royale skills you still don’t use.

1. Beware of an ambush – be suspicious around high quality weapons
2. Use Your traps – Weaken Your foes and down a few foes
3. Edit the architect’s house – a grab the 3 chests too
4. Edit each others structures – Don’t knock them down
5. Learn all edit options – There are more than you think
6. (Attacking) Shoot enemy forts – if you have the ammo
7. (Defending) Build Repeatedly – use everything you have to stay alive
8. Pyramid covering – hide everything
9. Pen in an enemy and cover a friend
10. Practice in the lobby – Or play ninja warrior?
11. Check the Patch Notes – Weapon buffs and nerfs
12. Take a silenced SMG – Quietly get airdrops
13. Quietly remove trees – a clear vantage point
14. Use the storm – Stock up on health items first
15. Fire Hydrants Tiny jump pads
16. Transparent structures Spy on the opposition
17. Controller Options – Combat Pro / Keyboard and Mouse
18. Bush wookie aim assist
19. Fall Damage
20. Parachute Spam
21. actively look to for confrontations

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