A few months ago it looked like Friday the 13th had been abandoned by the developers and we all died a little on the inside. Well not only were the reports completely wrong but an entire year of content has been mapped out for us.

On Friday the 13th 3 more pieces of DLC will be unleashed on us with part 4 Jason, a new counselor named Mitch, a new weapon a new map and a round of emotes to to enrage Jason

New Jason – Friday the 13th the Final Chapter aka Part 4
New Weapon – The Pig Splitter
New Map – The Jarvis House from Friday the 13th Final Chapter aka Part 4
New Counselor – meet Mitch Floyyd. He’s Chuck from Friday the 13th part 3
New Emotes – 10 new moves to bust out. these will cost real money though $2 in fact.

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