If you didn’t know the Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta has just begun and I thought I’d show you the character customization.

There are a host of options from facial scars to hiking boots.

Sadly there isn’t a facial characteristic slider so we are stuck to templates based on general skin colors and basic characteristics. The ability to add facial hair is here and scars, eyecolour and hairstyles too. By the way I’ve checked and we cant add a beard to a female character.

The character customization comes into its own when you see the sheer volume of clothing options. A basic vest or tank top has multiple color options to try out. Tattoos, ghillie suits, camo options it’s all here and there is my personal favourite blue digital camouflage here too.

I wont say too much as you can see it here for yourself. After I go through all the options I create my character and begin my Ghost Recon Wildlands journey.

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