Gran Turismo sport releases on October 17th

GTsport is here, it’s a landmark occasion, the first GT title on PS4. After 4 years, the wait has been difficult for us and with many great driving sims on the market it may be a tough choice to reengage with Gran Turimso. been With that in mind here’s 12 things you need to know about GT Sport.

1. Over 150 fully licensed Cars
2. 6 Car Classes
3. 17 Locations and 40 tracks
4. Time of Day changes
5. Campaign – Driving school, mission challenge, circuit experience
6. GT Sport Mode – Online Mode
7. Online Championships – Nations and Manufacturer
8. Need Assistance? This is a Simulation
9. Customise and tune
10. Photo mode – Call it ‘Scapes’
11. Dirt Rally!
12. PSVR support

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