Monster Hunter World is coming in early 2018. What could be better than teaming up with friends and hunting down hulking beasts and crafting their pelts into armour? The gameplay loop of Plan, track, kill and carve (or capture if that’s your bag) has had players engaged since the first Monster Hunter back in 2004, oh how I miss my ps2.

13 years later the franchise has struggled to make an impact in the western world even though it has 40 million players world wide. Monster Hunter World is here to rectify that and I’m optimistic the game will achieve success in the west.

Capcom have released footage of all 14 weapon types in the game and my word there’s some insane armaments and skills on show. The great sword maybe the centre piece in the advertising campaign because, well just look at it! It’s mind blowing but Here are 7 other physics defying weapons we can can’t wait to use in Monster Hunter World.

Heavy Weapons
Great Sword
Gun Lance
Heavy Bowgun

Light Weapons
Sword and Shield
Dual Blades
Long Sword
Light Bowgun

Technical Weapons
Switch Axe
Charge Blade
Insect Glaive
Hunting Horn

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