Resident Evil 7 is probably the most gruesome and gory entry in the series. The spectacular way you murder the baker family is one thing and the encounters where you fail is just as gut wrenching. So grab a sick bucket, make sure you haven’t eaten for a few hours and enjoy 10 ways to die in Resident Evil 7. If you haven’t guessed already this will contain spoilers.

The first death in RE7 sets the scene perfectly and as you’re looking for your wife what better place to start this gore fest than with Ethan killing the woman he actually came to save. To be honest he didn’t start the fight and even took a knife through the hand before fighting back. His weapon of choice? An Axe to the neck.

Mia does not take kindly to being killed and gains revenge by first sticking s screwdriver through Ethan’s hand and then cutting his hand off with a chainsaw she just so happened to stumble across.

Ethan can escape this encounter and when he is about the climb to freedom in swoops loving wife Mia and continues her new found love of heavy machinery.

If Ethan somehow survives Mia’s courtship his hand is reattached to his arm by the lovely baker family who even cook him a meal. Southern hospitality at its finest.

Ethan’s next attempt to leave is assisted by a police officer who kindly opens the garage door but Jack doesn’t like uninvited guests…

Jack rightfully sees the officer as a threat and subdues him with a shovel through the skull. ‘Everyday I’m shoveling!’

Ethan is next having his arm broken and then his neck. This game is brutal.

Our next encounter with Jack involves yet another Chainsaw and what looks like chainsaw scissors? Should jack get the upper hand Ethan could lose both arms and his head… But if Ethan comes out on top prepare your eyes for this gruesome death.

At this I was going to include Marguerite Baker but for two words… vagina insects. Nope… Move on.

In own of the VHS tapes you can witness the death of one of the demo characters Clancy.

In a saw style muder scene he is first impaled with a nail and quil, has loser carved into his arm and finally set a blaze. For some reason his cries of pain some more like someone who has pins and needles after sitting down for too long.

When Jack makes his return… he’s changed a bit but in a pretty cool boss fight Ethan blinds him by shooting all his eyes. Finally he’s dead but he has one final attack in him. To end the fight simply inject him with the cure but if you wait too long… He decapitates Ethan allow you to witness his dead body, headless.

Depending whom you choose to save earlier in the game you will have to fight Mia yet again! This time you have your trusty crowbar and it’s a game on cat and mouse until either Mia stabs you through the heart…. Or Ethan embeds the crowbar in Mia’s chest. If this is what married life is about, I can’t wait to be wed!

Finally, after the mystery of Aunt Rhody is uncovered the final battle of the game ensues. It’s surprisingly easy and uneventful so many people haven’t seen the death animation! Well feast your eyes on this. Ethan is literally eaten by a massive head of an old woman. I can certainly say I wasn’t expecting that.

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