Resident Evil 7 is just around the corner so it’s time to refresh your memory from 21 years ago (unless you played the remake).

Over the next month we’ll be uploading 3 minute refreshers for the pivotal games in the Resident Evil Franchise so please press subscribe and support our little channel.

Resident Evil in 3 minutes

In the original resident evil you play as Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield part of a special police unit know as the Stars alpha team, which is an acronym for Special Tactics And Rescue Service. After being sent to find Bravo squad who have gone missing in the Arklay mountains you find the remains of many members and are chased by rabid dogs into a mansion.

Alongside Barry Burton and Captain Albert Wesker you attempt to find out what the heck is going on. Along the way you find Rebecca Chambers who looks to be the only Bravo squad survivor but her story isn’t fleshed out until resident evil 0 a prequel to the events of this game. But we’ll get to that in a future episode.

After a few jump scares and a bit of blind luck you stumble across what the mansion is really concealing, Umbrella Corporations base of operations which is creating a biological weapon know as the T-Virus.

Unexpectedly, Albert Wesker is exposed as a double agaent working for Umbrella who is using leverage over Barry ‘s family to force him to betray his buddies. Either Jill or Chris, which ever one you aren’t playing as, is imprisoned and Wesker reveals he has been ordered by his superiors to lu re the STARS team into the Spencer mansion to be used as test subjects against the mutated creatures to gather battle data.

Zombies, Crows, Cerberus dogs, Hunters, a giant snake, an overgrown beanstalk, Neptune the Shark and a huge spider make up the bulk of T-Virus empowered enemies with one final edition… The Tyrant.

Wesker Releases the Tyrant and is subsequently killed by the beast leaving Jill or Chris to fight it. After a few interations to the fight it comes down to a face off on a helipad. Luckily anther STARS member, brad Vickers, drops a rocket launcher from a nearby helicopter and you incinerate the Tyrant.

If all has gone well you escape the mansion moments before it becomes cinders with Jill, Chris, Barry and Rebecca in toe. If everything didn’t go to plan you escape alone and have the blood of your squad mates on your hands. Also, wesker is revealed to have survived his certain death but at this point we don’t know how.

So that was RE in 3 minutes. We will be uploading 3 minute versions of all the pivotal RE games so please click subscribe and support our little channel.

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