Hello and welcome to Playstation grenade. I’ve recently started playing Warframe a game which I have put off for over 3 years due to my fear of pay to win mechaincs blocking my progression. Well, I finally gave Warframe the time it deserves and oh my gosh… it is brilliant.

Sadly the user interface and the way things are explained are crippling the experience for new players so I thought I’d produce a 2018 beginners guide as I progress through the game and hopefully convince you to add this to your library or give it a little more time if you gave up years ago.

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Introduction 0:00
1. Platinum – Pay To Win? 1:58
2. Movement 2:30
3. Master Rank 4:54
4. Navigation – What should I do first? 5:43
5. Codex 7:10
6. Blueprints and Resources 7:48
7. Market 8:58
8. Mods / Modifications 10:40
9. Free Stuff 11:39
10. Which warframe to start with? 12:05

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