It’s the time of the year when annualised video games throw down their latest markers. The WWE and WWF video game lineage is no different and have been yearly outings for almost 18 years now. Oh how I miss the old school story mode in WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role. If you’re like me and a bit skeptical of buying the same game every year then here’s 7 new things, improvements and updates in WWE 2k18 that distance it from last years version. And by the way try to spot as many wrestler finishing moves as you can.

1. Huge Roster with 30 female superstars
2.Improved visuals! Lighting, Shader and Camera Angles
3. New commentary team. Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Cory Graves
4. 8 characters at once. So many sweaty men
5.New carry mechanic. fireman’s life, cradle, powerbomb, shoulder
6. Creation suite. Huge updates and changes
7. My Career, Road To glory and Universe Mode
Others – Free Roam, New OMG moves, the brand split!

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