With Destiny 2 upon us I though we should refresh our memory of the first destiny title and all of the expanisions. So sit back, grab the popcorn and lets relive 3 years of grind in Destiny: The complete story.

Terraforming golf balls, travelers, speakers, light vs darkness… what’s not to love?

Destiny Vanilla – Centre around stopping the impending Hive invasions
The Dark Below – the hive are back again with a God like being name Crota
House of Wolves – The Awoken are having issues with rogue fallen. Let’s capture that Skolas chap and try of the prison of elders
The Taken King – Crota’s Dad is a bit pissed that we killed his son. He’s Oryx and a God… He doesn stand a chance
Rise of Iron – The Iron lords return to reveal their history. The fallen have discovered Siva so our guardians are tasks with putting things right

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