The Far Cry series has been with us since 2004 and over the years it has evolved into a must play series. Which one is your favourite? Far cry 3 remains my personal fave. With far cry 5 (march 27th 2018) only touching distance away it’s time to go through everything you should know before spending your hard earned cash.

1. Mature Audience – Setting the scene
2. Custom Character – Be who you wanna be
3. Co-op Campaign – Play everything together
4. Recruitment – Guns for hire
5. Fangs for hire – Animal friends
6. Villain – Father Joseph Seed
7. Vehicles – Land, Sea, Air
8. Mini games and side quests – fishing, hunting, Races
9. Melee focus
10. The Resistance Meter
11. Map editor returns – Endless New missions
12. Release date & bonuses – March 27th 2018
13. Season Pass – New Blood Dragon?

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